8Commas is an NFT, Blockchain and Decentralized Marketing Consultancy, working with the most innovative creators, digital and traditional fine art artists, impactful influencers, key opinion leaders and power players in the space. With the seemingly exponential growth of blockchain companies, cryptocurrencies, protocols, and NFT art projects launching every day, our team is poised to help companies execute authentic, innovative, sticky, and well-executed awareness campaigns across digital channels such as Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Twitter Spaces, Clubhouse, Podcasts and more.




Rembrandt Flores is the Founder of 8Commas where he consults on NFT art projects, cryptocurrencies and businesses on the blockchain. Outside his work in the Metaverse, He is also a Partner at Flowing Ventures. He has been an investor and/or advisor to many start up brands such as Cameo, Casper, Away, MOSH, kumu, Feels, MOON, SendIt, PYM, In-House, and Flip among others. Prior to that he was Founder & Executive Director of Celebrity Relations and Events at Entertainment Fusion Group. At EFG, he has had the privilege of working on a slew of recognizable brands such as Tinder, ASICS, Electronic Arts, Oakley, Fox Television, Diageo, VEVO, EMI, LG Mobile, Tone It Up, Apolis, Monster Energy, HTC, Capcom, sbe, Macy’s, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Generosity Water and Ubisoft as well as events for The Sundance Film Festival, The Grammys, The Oscars, Coachella Music Festival, SXSW, Toronto Film Festival and MTV Video Music & Movie Awards


Marco is an Italian executive with 15 years of Procter & Gamble experience around the globe. He had direct experiences in 4 countries (Italy, Switzerland, Russia and USA), 4 different business units and his latest role was Feminine Care Global & USA Managing Director where he was responsible for 2BLN$+ Business value. Now proud NFT collector (200+ NFTs including BAYC, CloneX, Veefriends, Doodles, Azuki and Moonbirds), he just left P&G to become the Founder and CEO of GiacaLabs, a boutique consulting firm that guides top Fortune 500 brands to leverage new technologies to win. Additionally, he is also board member of several start ups globally and visiting lecturer at top European business schools


Nicole Behnam is the primary Advisor of 8Commas where she oversees community and outreach. She is also the founder of Beyond Media, a platform that celebrates discussion, curiosity, problem-solving, art, and community. Nicole is also a creator and popular host on social audio platforms like Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces where she interviews bestselling authors and thought leaders like Chris Voss, Kat Cole, Barbara Corcoran, Jesse Itzler, Neil Strauss, Eric Weinstein, and Naval Ravikant. Recently, she has been using her platform to elevate voices in the crypto/Bitcoin/NFT space, and organizing events

RYAN Schinman

Ryan Schinman is senior advisor to the 8Commas team. At the age of 26, Schinman opened his own consulting company, Platinum Rye Entertainment which during his tenure as CEO was named “the world’s largest broker of celebrity talent, models, recording artists, sports figures and other celebrities for ad campaigns and P.R. events,” according to Forbes Magazine. The company’s US operation was bought by Omnicom in 2004. Schinman built Platinum Rye Entertainment into a one-stop shop for corporations looking to market themselves and their brands through the world of entertainment (he represented over 30 Fortune 500 companies and over 40 advertising and PR agencies). Besides Platinum Rye Entertainment, Ryan is also a founding partner in Noise Marketing (purchased by the Engine Group), MMG Nightlife (purchased by SFX Entertainment), and The Engine Shop Agency which produces events for clients such as Mercedes-Benz, InBev, and ESPN. Most recently Ryan has co-founded Mayflower Entertainment, an entertainment consultancy with offices in New York City, Los Angeles, Moscow, São Paulo, and Tel Aviv


William Tong is an NFT advisor to the 8Commas team. He has been a real estate broker for over a decade, advising and guiding domestic and international clients on the real estate market and investments of significant amounts of capital. William is a community builder across major social media platforms. As well as a connector and catalyst of collaborations between impactful individuals across industries, ecosystems, and communities. William was introduced to, and participated, in blockchain since 2013 via Bitcoin and became deeply immersed in the blockchain and NFT spaces before the exponential growth of the industry in early 2021. He is an advisor, consultant, mentor, and friend to multiple NFT artists, creators, brands, projects, protocols, and others in the blockchain ecosystem. William directly increased sales and community growth for multiple NFT projects and has been a speaker at multiple conferences regarding the positive impact of NFTs and blockchain. William flew to Necker Island to advise entrepreneurs and Blue Economy proponents on blockchain, crypto, and NFTs. He is a connector and business development at Origin Protocol. William is all about positive impact, uplifting artists and underrepresented voices, and making NFTs fun! He is known to make magic happen! He utilized NFTs to raise over $80K USD with NFT4Good.com. Raised approx. $500k USD with Subtractive and Origin Protocol for the Inspiration4 x St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital


Eric Siu is digital advisor to the 8Commas team. He invests in web3, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and acquires small businesses. Eric also owns digital marketing agency Single Grain, which has helped brands such as Amazon, Airbnb, Uber, Salesforce, and more grow their traffic and revenues. He also hosts two podcasts, Marketing School & Leveling Up. His NFT project, 'Leveling Up Heroes', is focused on fostering a community of lifelong learners. Eric purchased his first Bitcoin in 2013 and is committed to helping the entire space move forward.


Social Media Promotion for NFT Projects

01 Finding and vetting top influencers and key opinion leaders to host rooms on Twitter Spaces, Clubhouse, and/or Discord.

02 Compose tweets and posts and engage on our platforms

03 Access to the top voices on and off social platforms

04 Build an army of thought leaders and influencers to engage on Twitter Spaces, and etc.

IRL Marketing

01 Mobile, Online, IRL Meetings with The Community.

02 Intro Project and NFTs to People of Interest (Collectors, Influencers & KOLs).

03 Intro NFT projects through meetups, 1x1s, events and conferences.

04 Direct targets to NFT's Discord, Twitter and other platforms to increase engagement.

Media and Press Relations

01 Push out your company’s project to crypto/blockchain/NFT media.

02 Target Twitter based media as well online and print coverage.

03 Media Training for executives and team members.

04 Assist with ghost writing or interviews between outlet and project.


01 Tokenomics - Factors that impact the demand and supply of tokens. Quality, distribution and production of crypto tokens.

02 Web3 Security Best Practices - Preventing hacks, exploits, manipulation, front-running, and other negative events.

03 Project Roadmap Consulting - Establishing sellout targets to increase a project’s potential value to improve initial desirability and long-term value.

We are primed to help NFT projects and web 3.0 companies navigate through the Metaverse...

Companies now have a limited time to be early and collaborate with this new world of influencers and gain social reach and credibility before their competitors become entrenched in web3.

The Metaverse is a totally new opportunity to build community with a highly-engaged audience, which no industry has seen before.

This is the opportunity to be one step ahead of your competitors by planting your flag in web3 and having 8Commas help you break through the noise with our personal and innovative approach to marketing.

Are you ready?

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